Frequently asked questions:

Q. Why is it called Pomepure?
A. We called our brand Pomepure because it is 100% pure and natural juice and our consumers know exactly what they are getting, without confusing gimmicks.

Q. What makes Pomepure superior to other brands?
A. Pomepure is 100% pure natural juice not from concentrate. The pure juice pressed, is natural of single strength, not diluted with water, or blended in anyway, and free of all artificial flavouring, preservatives, colouring, added sugar, or stabilisers.

Q. Why do consumers choose Pomepure than other brands?
A. Our juice is recommended by many health and nutritional professionals, and our consumers are drinking the juice for health reasons, hence they do not want to consume a product that has been processed and tempered with resulting in the loss of many natural qualities nature intended.

Q. Why does your juice taste - different?
A. We use a special variety of fruit which is sweet in taste with all the goodness, and we do not have to add artificial flavouring or additives of any kind. Our juice is not a blend like other juices, which can be misleading to the consumer into thinking it is 100% juice when in fact it is a blend of different fruits. Their packaging can be confusing showing just a pomegranate image which can imply it is only a pomegranate juice and nothing else added.

Q. Why does your juice sometimes vary in colour & taste?
A. Our juice is pure and natural as with all fruits, different batches of fruit vary slightly hence there will be slight variation in colour and taste depending on the batch. This will not effect the beneficial quality and taste of the product.

Q. Is pure natural juice better than concentrate?

A. It’s common sense that any juice which has been reduced through process would loose many of the pure natural qualities and nutrients, hence concentrate cannot be better than pure natural juice.

Q. Why do you pasteurise your juice?
A. We pasteurise our juice to ensure that there is no bacteria/ micro organism present, and the juice is safe to consume, hence we do not need to use any preservatives.

Q. How much should I drink?

A. As with any pure product, it is not recommended to consume large quantities at once. Our juice is pure and hence it is rich, so we recommend to consume approx. 200ml at a time. For health reasons it would be best to consume a recommended quantity on a regular daily basis.

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