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Pomegranate juice (100%).

Nutritional information
Typical Values per 100ml
ENERGY 236kJ/56kcal
of which sugars* 12.6g
FAT 0.3g
of which saturates 0.0g
FIBRE 0.1g
*Sugars naturally found in fruit

  Pomegranate juice
• Filled with antioxidants.
• Made from 100% pure juice.
• Nothing added, nothing taken away.

A health history
The health-giving, disease-inhibiting qualities of the pomegranate have been observed in many cultures. It has been used as a remedy for hundreds of years throughout the Middle East, India and Iran and Turkey for all kinds of inflammation, sore throats and rheumatism. Recent research points to medical benefits in combating many of the conditions of ageing, Alzheimer's disease, various forms of cancer, heart disease, stroke and hypertension, arthritis, and in protecting the foetus from brain injury.

One pomegranate can provide 40% of an adult's recommended daily amounts (rda) of Vitamin C. It contains ample folic acid and vitamins A and E, and has three times the antioxidant properties of red wine or green tea.

Cultivated widely throughout India, Iran, Syria, Turkey, North Africa, and, more recently, North America, it was known to the ancient Greeks; appeared in the decorated pillars of Solomon's temple and is used to this day in certain ancient Jewish ceremonials.

Key benefits
Prostate cancer.
Alzheimer's disease.
Heart disease.
Weight loss.

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